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Well Then! …Here We Are!

Manor Road United Reformed Church has entered the 21st Century…The Digital Age.

I am very sure that even the Minister, Elders and Managers of Manor Road United Reformed Church, from the second building of the church in 1970 could not have envisioned that way into the future… (The 21st Century)… this church would enter an age of mass communication with its local community and congregation, but here we are! …and I guess all we can really do is get on with the plan like everyone else in this digital age.

Please visit our blog each Sunday Week (8.00pm); where you will find content church news updated.

Over time, we plan to have a lot of exciting content for you to read on our blog, including very important historic news on the history of Manor Road United Reformed Church.

Happy Reading Everyone.

Roger Howard.

(Editor) manorroadurcblog.co.uk



Manor Road URC – Church News – Sunday 12th July 2020.




So sang the Late and Great Dame Vera Lynn.

This is the first time that I have been able to publish this blog, since March 29th 2020.

I hope you have all weathered the vicious storm of this Covid-19 pandemic, as well as weathering the storm of this lock-down in your homes, as well as the lock-down of being away from Manor Road Church or the particular church you are a member of.

Yes…Yes… I know that I promised that I would keep you all updated as to what Manor Road Church members would be up -to while we were all away from this church, but with very little activity coming from our church, I found myself in that strange editorial decision process of how do I make this blog interesting when I don’t have the connections to church members activities while being away from the church. So I weathered the storm and just kept away from this blog.

I guess some of you would say that I just ‘Copped-Out” of my responsibilities here. Well… I guess there is also some truth in that statement.

I believe for Manor Road Church members, when we were all aware that by mid-march of this year, that this pandemic was pretty serious, we were still non-aware of the true implications that this pandemic and this lock-down would have for the future stability of our church.

Well….let me tell ya… We certainly are a lot wiser now to the truer implications of this pandemic and this lockdown.

The Church Elders had a zoom application meeting this week Wednesday with our Interim Moderator: The Revd. John Campbell.

This Elders meeting was not an in-depth information meeting, but a talk to analyse the strange times our church institution is going through with this pandemic and lock-down, and the initial steps that we as church elders will have to make while we come out of this lock-down.

As a church, this lock-down has made us reflect on ourselves for the first time in fifty years and three months of our existence. Covid-19 has made us change the way we manage our church institution. This new change will eventually be the ‘NEW NORMAL’ of ALL Churches in the United Kingdom for a very long period of time.

My Father the church officer (Fitz Howard) is getting on in years. He has been a church officer at Manor Road Church for over Fifty years. This includes NOT just in the second existence of the church from 1970, but also from the old Presbyterian church.

The church elders understand that Mr Howard needs to slow-down in his work chores in the church, for a man of his particular age. So the Revd. John Campbell and 2 other elders are having talks about this at the moment and will eventually( in time) call my Father for a meeting to discuss his future working schedules in the church.

At the same time because of the implications of Covid-19, The Synod of the United Reformed Church wants more cleaning done in its churches. This is absolutely vital for the protection of EVERYONE that enters into one of its churches, so that nobody has the possibility of being in a position of contacting Coronavirus. The Revd. John Campbell is working on a new cleaning schedule for the church that takes into considerations the deeper cleaning that needs to be done in the church. The idea here for the church officer (Mr Howard) is that more cleaning will be done in the church, but My Father’s working schedule will be less strenuous in the day, hopefully with less working hours in the day for my father. I will be helping my father in this cleaning schedule.

There is an enormous amount of information that the church elders will have to get through and implement into the church building to make it 100% safe, while Covid-19 is still out there.

The Church Elders will be having a number of meetings this month and August, while it constantly changes the way we manage our church institution. In the light of Covid-19, this change effects EVERY SINGLE FACET of our church institution.

For when we eventually return back to the church, there will be a number of changes that we will have to operate as a church congregation.

These changes include the number of people that can actually be allowed in the church. At present, there is a total of 20 people allowed in the church.

There will also be changes in social distancing of people (2 metres apart from each other),No use of hymn books, No passing of the offertory plate, No touching of the plate where bread is placed for holy communion and even not touching hands of biscuits on a plate or tin for after service refreshments.

For myself, being the musician in the church (pianist); the biggest change will be the congregation not being allowed to use hymnbooks and NO SINGING of church hymns. There is the worry that singing can create droplets that can travel in the air and infect someone by this process. Only humming the melody will be allowed of hymns in church. The Revd. John Campbell will be lending the church a Digital Large Screen where the words will be able to be seen by our church congregation.

These changes at Manor Road Church do not just affect our church congregation, they also will affect ALL our community user groups who use our church hall. All Community Group leaders have been asked by the church elders, to provide the safety precautions that they will have to put in place to return to Manor Road Church. This is absolutely vital to protect their group in NOT being able to be in the position of ANYONE in their group being infected with Covid-19. The Revd. John Campbell is also putting a clause in Leaders contracts that takes into consideration the safety precautions that ALL leaders will have to abide by if they return back to Manor Road Church. The Revd. John Campbell will be contacting church leaders about these new contracts in the near future.

I cannot give you all an exact date when Manor Road Church will be able to open again, but from the discussion at the meeting on Wednesday, there is a huge possibility that this could be in early September 2020.

While we slowly come out of lock-down, there will be church news coming out of the Synod again. I will be sharing this news on this blog more on a regular basis from now-on.

So I look forward to sharing this News of local events with you all from our Thames-North Province in the near future.

Goodbye for Now and Do Very-Much take care while you are outside, remembering ALL the important advice that the Government has given to everyone.

Roger Howard.

Editor: manorroadurcblog.co.uk

Manor Road URC – Church News – Sunday 22nd March 2020.

Well! it’s been quite some time since I last published on this blog and when I do return…the world turns completely on its head.

I won’t ask if you have all had a good week, that would be pretty ridiculous.

What I will ask is have you ALL been following our Prime Minister (Boris Johnson’s ) advice in his daily bulletins to the nation?


You know… sometimes I look at these Hollywood disaster movies and do wonder if these Hollywood Directors know something about the world we don’t know.

I know we may just look at these movies and just see some Hollywood fluff entertainment to keep us amused for 1 hour, 30 minutes or up to 2 hours, but dig deep enough and you will find some truthful reality of what is seriously going on in God’s world.

Last Friday I was watching the American Film Director Steven Soderbergh’s 2011 film ‘Contagion’ from a DVD copy I had at home.

The last time I saw the film was about 5 years ago, and at the time I just saw the film as some Hollywood Entertainment Film. You know the old cliche … Hollywood showing us all mad frightening behavior to frighten our senses as entertainment. When I watched it Last week Friday though… I thought I was watching a documentary. Steven Soderbergh’s film is so locked into the synopsis and visual of the Coronavirus pandemic… it is quite frightening.

What is incredible about the film is that the pandemic starts in Hong Kong, not China, as coronavirus has been. The feelings and sentiments of how the general public in the film react to the pandemic also have some realities in how people around the world have been reacting towards the coronavirus pandemic. To bring this sentiment home even more- on the DVD version of the film in the Film Extra section, there is a humorous (but very serious) animation film in how pandemics are created and how you ( as a human being) should act if you are in the situation of a virus pandemic. The animation in itself is real education, that I am urging everyone out there to see and study. This animation might be available online at youtube.com

If you can, do check out this film ‘Contagion’. It is available at Amazon.co.uk on DVD and Bluray. It is also available to purchase on the Prime video platform if you have a Smart Television, where you can purchase the film and Stream on your Television.

We had an Elders meeting Thursday (19th March 2020) with the Revd. John Campbell, who is our Interim Moderator at Manor Road Church. Much talk was NOT about our last church minutes, but about the Coronavirus pandemic and Manor Road Church’s future stability in this pandemic outbreak.

After much discussion about this, it came to our conclusion that Manor Road Church (just like other United Reformed Churches) would have to close until further notice. This action was not taken lightly, in fact, it has been endorsed by Thrive -Worldwide ( this is the organization that looks at ALL Health and Safety Matters in the United Reformed Church and Andrew Prasad our Moderator of the Thames-North United Reformed Church.

There would be NO CHURCH SERVICE at Manor Road Church on 22nd March 2020 and NO OTHER church services at Manor Road United Reformed Church thereafter until further notice, is given to returning back to the church building.

This news also affects our community user groups who use our building.

The Revd. John Campbell advised the elders to be assigned to a member of our congregation and to keep in communication with this church member while this situation of members away from the church building is present.

John Campbell is looking at ways of how our church can get access to Sunday Church services by the connection to multimedia technologies and general communication by phone.

I will give you all an update on this situation here when they come available for the congregation.


I will be publishing again next-week Sunday with advice news about coronavirus from the United Reformed Church Synod.

I have included a poster that I have left on the church’s door, in my capacity as the Health and Safty Officer of our church.

There is also the letter that our Moderator Andrew Prasad has written to ALL United Reformed Churches in the Thames-North Province.



Roger Howard: Editor


Manor Road URC – Church News- Sunday 26th January 2020.

Hello Everybody and a (Very Belated) Happy New Year to You All!

As our first published blog of 2020, I hope this new year marks a year of happiness and happy goodwill to one and all.

For a new year and decade in this country, as we come out of the European Union, the last reference I mentioned previously has a lot of real gravitas to it and we are ALL going to have the needs of real fortitude of hopes and faith, if situations do turn bad for us all as a country, in the first few months of us coming out of the European Union.

I hope your Christmas last year was a Merry One.

Our Pulpit Secretary (Doris Purkiss) went to visit her daughter Joan over the Christmas holiday (as she does every year) and when she came home, she had an unfortunate incident where she had a fall in her own flat. The ambulance came over to her flat and took Doris to the Homerton Hospital (Hackney) where she had to be constantly monitored, as she has a device near her heart.

When the Doctors and Nurses were happy with the progress of Doris, they returned her to her flat. Joan has been staying with Doris for a few weeks, while Doris gets her strength back.

So for a number of weeks, the church has been without our Pulpit Secretary and also our Church Secretary (Kalu Amogu) as he has been on a holiday vacation to Ghana, from which he has only returned back.

We have people in our church who do a valuable and very important role in this church. Doris and my Father, Fitz (Church Officer) are just two very important people who have a very important role in this church, and they are both getting on in their years. It always amazes me, the amount of work they do at Manor Road United Reformed Church, even when they are feeling under the weather and are not in good health.

I believe it is very important that when we have elderly people doing important roles in the church, we are able to talk about our health matters. It does not really matter how much a person does in a church, what is most important is an individual person’s health in the role they are doing.

When we have people over the ages of over 75 doing work in the church, we MUST ALL take more of an interest in looking after this particular age group.

My own father has had two mini-strokes in the last 2 years and unbelievably; he had these mini-strokes in the church building. So I have a very personal deep interest in this kind of particular matter.

I am making sure my Father is sleeping well and eating well, that is my natural duty as his son, but as I have just said; we ALL need to take a more personal interest in this particular age group of people who do very important work in the church.

As a church, this year marks Manor Road Church’s 50th Birthday Anniversary, which we are all here very excited about.

We shall be holding a very special event for this 50th Anniversary on Saturday 14th November, between the hours of 3pm to 6pm.

We shall be inviting our friends, neighbors from our community and people from our neighboring churches (as well as the Moderator from the United Reform Church Synod) to this very special event in November this year.

Church Elders and Members of the Congregation will be preparing for this special event with The Revd. John Campbell in March.

There promise’s to be a few exciting aspects to this special church service on the 14th November, that will look into our church history from when the building first opened in November 1970.

There is not much church news this week, but there is news from the Thames North Synod which you may wish to note down in your diaries.

There will be a Bible Study at our church on the last Tuesday of February (25th) from 2.00pm till 4.00pm and we will be joined by members of Rectory Road United Reformed Church.

Next Week’s Sunday Morning Service will be led by Kathleen Laing who comes from Highcross United Reformed Church- Tottenham -North London.

The Service starts at 10.30am.

Please bring your Friends and Family.

You are all very welcome at Manor Road United Reformed Church.

By Next Week, we should all be out of the European Union.

Roll on World-Wide Enterprise…. I Hope.

Have A Lovely Week Everyone.

Roger Howard: Editor.


Manor Road URC- Church News-Sunday 8th December 2019.

Hello Everyone!

I hope your past week was a good one.

Well! The Big Day is this forth-coming Thursday.

Do you know which political party you are all going to vote for?




Well! Whatever your answer to that question is, lets just also make that decision for all of us with God’s guidance.

There is not much news coming from our church this week, but I have a lot of info from the Thames North Synod Office, that you may all like to write down in your diaries of forthcoming events leading up to Christmas and the New Year.

Though this is supposed to be the season of goodwill and cheer, I am afraid that I have some sad news from our church this season.

Due to the fact that quite a few members of our congregation are either visiting friends and families in the UK or abroad this year; Manor Road URC (AGAIN) has decided not to have a church Christmas Day service this year.

It really saddens me, to even contemplate even writing down this fact, but I’m afraid this is a situation that cannot be solved with even a few readings and carols for the special day.

Yes ( I know what you’re all thinking); with even a few members in this church (4 or 5 people) you can still have a church service, as the Lord Jesus Christ presence would be here on his birthday, but even for the few here on the day, it would be a service with deep regret knowing that many of our congregation our not here on the most important day in the Christain calender.

As well as having to sing even extra louder, because of the lack of people in the congregation.

I do hope that Manor Road Congregation, can find a solution to this deep problem we have at this time of year, as it comes across as a conflicting issue of the lack of deep faith and our Christian morals, when we are not able to truly celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ in his holy church.

I do very much hope we are NOT in this same position next year Christmas Day.

The Church service Next Week Sunday will be led by Janine Stolz.

Church service begins at 10.30am.

Have A Lovely Week Everyone.

Stay Calm, Don’t Go Mad doing your Christmas Shopping.

Roger Howard.

Editor: manorroadurcblog.co.uk

Manor Road URC – Church News – Sunday 24th November 2019.

Hello EveryOne.

I hope you are all keeping Calm in the runup to Christmas and also keeping calm for the General Elections on 12th December.

Whatever happens in these forthcoming elections, let us all be thankful that the ultimate decision that this country makes as regards its future prosperities, lies in our Lord Jesus Christ Hands and he will be the guide that leads our future prime minister in the ultimate right directions for all our future stabilities.

Amen to that.

Manor Road’s Church Secretary ( Kalu Amogu) has taken leave on a holiday to Ghana with his wife, and won’t be back with us till the end of January next year.

All our future church event notices will be handled by our Pulpit Secretary: Doris Purkiss until Kalu returns back to us in January next year.

As we are now gearing up to the Christmas Holiday Season, there is not much church event information from our own church, but I have a lot of info that you may all put down in your diaries for forthcoming events situated around different venues in the Thames North Area.

There will be a Bible Reading Group at Manor Road Church, this forthcoming Tuesday from 2.00pm till 4.00pm. Manor Road Elders will be joined by some members of Recortory Road URC.

The Church service next week Sunday will be led by Brian Smith and will be a communion service.

Church Service begins at 10.30am.

Have a Lovely Week Everyone.

Roger Howard.

Editor: manorroadurcblog.co.uk

Manor Road URC – Church News-Sunday 3rd November 2019.

Hello Everybody!

Long-time not published…Glad to Be Back With You All…Won’t Go into the whys and where forth thou’s of why it’s taken so long to get back to you all…(all your miseries have been enough with Brexit shenanigans in the country)… NUFF SAID!

There is not much news from Manor Road this week, but we have a huge amount of information on events in our Local Thames North Area, which you may all want to note down into your diaries.

I am very glad to announce to you all that from Next Year, Manor Road United Reformed Church will be celebrating its 50th Birthday Anniversary as a church, for the time when our church was first opened in November 1970.

The church plans to have a Saturday Event in November 2020 which will be a special service in Manor Road Church, which will (hopefully) be led by our past minister: The Revd.John Campbell.

I will be giving you an exact date from Next Year so that the event is fresh in all your beautiful minds.

The Church Elders and the Congregation will be planning for this special service event in the spring of 2020. We hope to invite our many friends and families that have made a huge contribution to our church in these majestic 50 years, for the time period in which this (2nd building) of our church has been in existence.

While that was happy news, there also some unhappy news here as well.

It is with sad regret that our church elders have decided not to continue the coffee morning event at Manor Road Church, due to the very low attendance of people to this event. We used to have this event on the 2nd Saturday of every month. Hopefully (in future) when we get a new Lay Leader in the Church, we may be able to start it up again. I believe what it needs is just a bit of tweaking-up here and there, understanding coffee morning’s real purpose, having good management and (most important of all); that this event is promoted in the most positive way, that is not just for the benefit of church people, but is also to the benefit of our local community as well.

1st November 2019

Next Week’s Sunday Morning Service will be led by Tony Davis, who is from High Cross United Reformed Church, Tottenham-North London.

This will be a special service for Remembrance Sunday, so, please bring your friends and families.

Church Service begins at 10.30am.

Everyone is welcome at Manor Road United Reformed Church.

Have a Lovely Week Everyone.

Confucious Say: Too Much Brexit/No Brexit Numbs the Brain at Special Voting Time.

Roger Howard: Editor.


Manor Road URC – Church News – Sunday 26th May 2019.

Hello Everyone!

I hope that this past week has been a good one for one and all.

There is not a lot going on at Manor Road URC this week, so there is no church news from our neck in the woods, but we do have quite a substantial amount of event news that you can all place in your diaries, of church events at various places in the Thames North province area in the next few weeks and months, given to us from the URC Synod.

Next Week’s Sunday morning service will be Led by Frank Dankwa who is from High Cross United Reformed Church-Tottenham -North London.

Church Service begins at 10.30 am.

Please bring your friends and families.

You are all very welcome at Manor Road United Reformed Church.

Have a Lovely Week Everyone.

P.S: A Very Modern Proverb (I believe it was by Confucius)

A Person who thinks too much about Brexit

Finds no exit door to the problems of country.

Roger Howard.

Editor: manorroadurcblog.co.uk

Manor Road URC – Church News – Sunday 24th March 2019.

Hello Everyone!

I hope your week this past week was a good one.

The less we say about Brexit here… The Better.


There is hardly any event news from Manor Road this week but we do have a lot of forth-coming events from the Thames North Synod which you may want to note down in your diaries.

At Manor Road URC this forth-coming Tuesday we have our Bible Study at 2.pm where we will be joined by some members from Rectory Road URC.

Next Week Sunday morning service will be led by David Okiri.

Church service begins at 10.30am.

Please also bring your friends and families.

P.S. Don’t forget that the clocks go forward one hour and that it is also Mothering Sunday Next Sunday.

Have a Lovely Week Everyone.

Roger Howard.

Editor: manorroadurcblog.co.uk

Manor Road URC – Church News – Sunday 20th January 2019.

Hello Everyone and a (Very Belated) Happy New Year to One and All!

Well!…the last time we published our Blog was 9th December (last year), so I guess its down to me to do a lot of explaining here now.

We were hoping to have our Christmas Day morning service, but…unfortunately…It never truly panned out that way.

Myself and my father (church officer – Fitz Howard), plus our Church treasurer (Helen Fania) and her daughter, were the only people who turned up at our church on Christmas Day morning.

There was a previous inkling that we would be very short of people for Christmas Day morning, so we waited at least 15 minutes, to see if anyone would turup to church on this very important day.

After waiting 15 minutes (and with nobody turning up to the church) we all had no choice but to cancel our Christmas day service.

I think it is a great shame that this service had to be cancelled, especially as our pulpit secretary Doris Purkiss) went out of her way in seeing if we could get help in planning this service, as there were no available preachers for this Christmas day service. This service was planned to be ta led by our church congregation.

The Christmas season is always a difficult time period in our church, as church members are either away on their Christmas holidays abroad) or they are just spending the day with close relatives and friends, with all the preparations that are involved in this day, it is no surprise that the church is very short on people on Christmas day.

I believe that if we can all pull together to make some kind of honest pledge (in the few months before Christmas) that we can all make some kind of commitment to be in the church on one of the most important days in the Christian calendar ‘Christmas Day’, we send an important pledge Not just for ourselves as a congregation, but also our local community, that we care about being in the church on one of the most important days in the Christian church: The Lord Jesus Christ Birthday.

Our whole pledge as Christians and the unity of God’s Holy Church is constituted in making an acknowledgement of being in God’s holy church on Christmas Day.

I don’t believe this is something we should take lightly; the whole principle of being a christain, is in making an acknowledgement of Jesus Christ Holy birth on Christmas Day.

Although, we all did not meet here last Christmas, I hope everyone’s Christmas day was a very enjoyable one.

At the end of Last year, our Interim Moderator: Dr Paul Ashitey stepped down in his duties as the church’s Interim moderator. Paul in his last church meeting last year announced that he will still be around to lead church services from time to time, although he will not be leading church meetings and elders meetings. For any church meeting and elders meetings that our church needs; these will be led by our past minister: The Revd. John Campbell. Dr Paul Ashitey will next be leading our Easter (Communion) day church service.

Manor Road United Reformed Church wishes to thank Dr Paul Ashitey for his very loyal years as our Interim Moderator. The church is most grateful to Dr Paul Ashitey’s very loyal service to Manor Road URC, especially as he was helping our church while also helping his local church at Whichmore Hill URC.

Manor Road URC wishes Dr Paul Ashitey all the very best in all his future endeavours in the United Reformed Church.

Our Church Secretary: Mr Kalu Amogu ( and his wife) are away on holiday at this present time. We are not entirely sure when they will be arriving back, but believe this will be in early February. As a church, this means we are not able to plan any church or elders meetings at this present time.

We all had some shock news after church service today, in that our beloved Miss Anne Crowe will be leaving our church to live in Ireland, to be near her family for the rest of her life.

Anne is due to leave London, this coming week (either Tuesday or Wednesday).

There are not enough words here to truly express what Anne Crowe has given to Manor Road United Reformed Church (especially in her role as church secretary). I can honestly say, that I am doing work in our church today because I grew up in this church with incredible people like Anne Crowe, who gave an incredible amount of winsdom to younger people in the church, where I was one of those younger people. I have very deep respect and grattitude to her, in ways that I can’t even truly express here propely. Anne Crowe has not just been a dear friend of Manor Road URC, she has also been a very dear firend to my family and other church member families as well.

She will be deeply missed at Manor Road URC. I truly hope there will be a chance in the near distant future, for the church to give a proper goodbye for this very loyal church member.

Manor Road United Reformed Church wishes Anne Crowe the very best of wishes for her future.

Goodbye my Dear Anne, we all hope to meet up with you in the very near future.

Welcome to our News Round Up for the week ending 11 January 2019, our first newsletter of 2019.

Next week’s Sunday morning service will be led by Joseph Dankwa.

Church Service begins at 10.30.am.

Please bring your friends and families.

Have a Lovely Week Everyone!

Roger Howard.

Editor: manorroadurcblog.co.uk

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