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Well Then! …Here We Are!

Manor Road United Reformed Church has entered the 21st Century…The Digital Age.

I am very sure that even the Minister, Elders and Managers of Manor Road United Reformed Church, from the second building of the church in 1970 could not have envisioned that way into the future… (The 21st Century)… this church would enter an age of mass communication with its local community and congregation, but here we are! …and I guess all we can really do is get on with the plan like everyone else in this digital age.

Please visit our blog each Sunday Week (8.00pm); where you will find content church news updated.

Over time, we plan to have a lot of exciting content for you to read on our blog, including very important historic news on the history of Manor Road United Reformed Church.

Happy Reading Everyone.

Roger Howard.

(Editor) manorroadurcblog.co.uk




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