Manor Road URC – Church News – Sunday 12th August 2018.

Hello Everybody.

I hope you all had a nice week.

Me… I have not been so good as I have been in constant continuous pain on my hip and back area, due to (i believed) dreaded sciatica. The doctor has given me Ibuprofen to take 3 times a day (not that this has been really helping) as I am still having to take paracetamols to suppress this intense pain I am receiving.

I visited my Doctor on Friday and he told me it is not in fact sciatica I have but a similar back/hip pain condition ( the long difficult Latin name escapes me now), he gave me a lot of information documents about this condition and the exercises I should be doing daily to alleviate this intense pain. So hopefully with these exercises and God’s holy intervention, I should be back to my ‘hopefully’ less ‘Pain-Free’ self again.

I don’t have much directly from Manor Road Church at the moment, as we are very much now into the church’s holiday month, but we do have some events that you can put in your diaries, for church events scattered around the Thames North Area.

Right!… So Here We Go.

Next Week’s Sunday Morning Service at Manor Road URC will be led by Kathleen Benjamin from High Cross URC (Tottenham-North London).

Church Service begins at 10.30 am.

Please also bring your friends families.

You are all Very Welcome at Manor Road URC.

Have a Lovely Week Everyone.

Roger Howard.