Manor Road URC – Church News – Sunday 4th November 2018.

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all had a good week, this past week.

My sincere apologies for not having anything published on our blog for over a month now.

The church has been sorting out issues in the security of our website online, so that our website is fully protected online and that our website can be found on search engines on the internet.

We have also installed a new broadband phone line for our church, so we now have a new phone number for our church office.

The new phone number for the church office is: 0208 809 5432.

There is not much new information coming from our church for this week, But I have news of church events happening in the next weeks and months from the URC church synod office.

So please note these events in your diaries to attend these events in the coming weeks and months.

Next Weeks’s Sunday Morning Service (Remembrance Day) will be led by our Interim Moderator: Dr Paul Ashitey.

After service there will be a church meeting.

For people who were not at the previous church service, you would not have been able to take your church minutes home to read for the meeting, so (if you intend to stay for the church meeting this coming Sunday, you will have to read the minutes fairly quickly after the church service for the meeting.

We hope many of you all can stay for this church meeting because there are very serious issues to discuss for the church.

See you all next week.

Have a very nice week everyone.

Roger Howard.