Manor Road URC – Church News – Sunday 20th January 2019.

Hello Everyone and a (Very Belated) Happy New Year to One and All!

Well!…the last time we published our Blog was 9th December (last year), so I guess its down to me to do a lot of explaining here now.

We were hoping to have our Christmas Day morning service, but…unfortunately…It never truly panned out that way.

Myself and my father (church officer – Fitz Howard), plus our Church treasurer (Helen Fania) and her daughter, were the only people who turned up at our church on Christmas Day morning.

There was a previous inkling that we would be very short of people for Christmas Day morning, so we waited at least 15 minutes, to see if anyone would turup to church on this very important day.

After waiting 15 minutes (and with nobody turning up to the church) we all had no choice but to cancel our Christmas day service.

I think it is a great shame that this service had to be cancelled, especially as our pulpit secretary Doris Purkiss) went out of her way in seeing if we could get help in planning this service, as there were no available preachers for this Christmas day service. This service was planned to be ta led by our church congregation.

The Christmas season is always a difficult time period in our church, as church members are either away on their Christmas holidays abroad) or they are just spending the day with close relatives and friends, with all the preparations that are involved in this day, it is no surprise that the church is very short on people on Christmas day.

I believe that if we can all pull together to make some kind of honest pledge (in the few months before Christmas) that we can all make some kind of commitment to be in the church on one of the most important days in the Christian calendar ‘Christmas Day’, we send an important pledge Not just for ourselves as a congregation, but also our local community, that we care about being in the church on one of the most important days in the Christian church: The Lord Jesus Christ Birthday.

Our whole pledge as Christians and the unity of God’s Holy Church is constituted in making an acknowledgement of being in God’s holy church on Christmas Day.

I don’t believe this is something we should take lightly; the whole principle of being a christain, is in making an acknowledgement of Jesus Christ Holy birth on Christmas Day.

Although, we all did not meet here last Christmas, I hope everyone’s Christmas day was a very enjoyable one.

At the end of Last year, our Interim Moderator: Dr Paul Ashitey stepped down in his duties as the church’s Interim moderator. Paul in his last church meeting last year announced that he will still be around to lead church services from time to time, although he will not be leading church meetings and elders meetings. For any church meeting and elders meetings that our church needs; these will be led by our past minister: The Revd. John Campbell. Dr Paul Ashitey will next be leading our Easter (Communion) day church service.

Manor Road United Reformed Church wishes to thank Dr Paul Ashitey for his very loyal years as our Interim Moderator. The church is most grateful to Dr Paul Ashitey’s very loyal service to Manor Road URC, especially as he was helping our church while also helping his local church at Whichmore Hill URC.

Manor Road URC wishes Dr Paul Ashitey all the very best in all his future endeavours in the United Reformed Church.

Our Church Secretary: Mr Kalu Amogu ( and his wife) are away on holiday at this present time. We are not entirely sure when they will be arriving back, but believe this will be in early February. As a church, this means we are not able to plan any church or elders meetings at this present time.

We all had some shock news after church service today, in that our beloved Miss Anne Crowe will be leaving our church to live in Ireland, to be near her family for the rest of her life.

Anne is due to leave London, this coming week (either Tuesday or Wednesday).

There are not enough words here to truly express what Anne Crowe has given to Manor Road United Reformed Church (especially in her role as church secretary). I can honestly say, that I am doing work in our church today because I grew up in this church with incredible people like Anne Crowe, who gave an incredible amount of winsdom to younger people in the church, where I was one of those younger people. I have very deep respect and grattitude to her, in ways that I can’t even truly express here propely. Anne Crowe has not just been a dear friend of Manor Road URC, she has also been a very dear firend to my family and other church member families as well.

She will be deeply missed at Manor Road URC. I truly hope there will be a chance in the near distant future, for the church to give a proper goodbye for this very loyal church member.

Manor Road United Reformed Church wishes Anne Crowe the very best of wishes for her future.

Goodbye my Dear Anne, we all hope to meet up with you in the very near future.

Welcome to our News Round Up for the week ending 11 January 2019, our first newsletter of 2019.

Next week’s Sunday morning service will be led by Joseph Dankwa.

Church Service begins at

Please bring your friends and families.

Have a Lovely Week Everyone!

Roger Howard.