Manor Road URC – Church News-Sunday 3rd November 2019.

Hello Everybody!

Long-time not published…Glad to Be Back With You All…Won’t Go into the whys and where forth thou’s of why it’s taken so long to get back to you all…(all your miseries have been enough with Brexit shenanigans in the country)… NUFF SAID!

There is not much news from Manor Road this week, but we have a huge amount of information on events in our Local Thames North Area, which you may all want to note down into your diaries.

I am very glad to announce to you all that from Next Year, Manor Road United Reformed Church will be celebrating its 50th Birthday Anniversary as a church, for the time when our church was first opened in November 1970.

The church plans to have a Saturday Event in November 2020 which will be a special service in Manor Road Church, which will (hopefully) be led by our past minister: The Revd.John Campbell.

I will be giving you an exact date from Next Year so that the event is fresh in all your beautiful minds.

The Church Elders and the Congregation will be planning for this special service event in the spring of 2020. We hope to invite our many friends and families that have made a huge contribution to our church in these majestic 50 years, for the time period in which this (2nd building) of our church has been in existence.

While that was happy news, there also some unhappy news here as well.

It is with sad regret that our church elders have decided not to continue the coffee morning event at Manor Road Church, due to the very low attendance of people to this event. We used to have this event on the 2nd Saturday of every month. Hopefully (in future) when we get a new Lay Leader in the Church, we may be able to start it up again. I believe what it needs is just a bit of tweaking-up here and there, understanding coffee morning’s real purpose, having good management and (most important of all); that this event is promoted in the most positive way, that is not just for the benefit of church people, but is also to the benefit of our local community as well.

1st November 2019

Next Week’s Sunday Morning Service will be led by Tony Davis, who is from High Cross United Reformed Church, Tottenham-North London.

This will be a special service for Remembrance Sunday, so, please bring your friends and families.

Church Service begins at 10.30am.

Everyone is welcome at Manor Road United Reformed Church.

Have a Lovely Week Everyone.

Confucious Say: Too Much Brexit/No Brexit Numbs the Brain at Special Voting Time.

Roger Howard: Editor.