Manor Road URC – Church News- Sunday 26th January 2020.

Hello Everybody and a (Very Belated) Happy New Year to You All!

As our first published blog of 2020, I hope this new year marks a year of happiness and happy goodwill to one and all.

For a new year and decade in this country, as we come out of the European Union, the last reference I mentioned previously has a lot of real gravitas to it and we are ALL going to have the needs of real fortitude of hopes and faith, if situations do turn bad for us all as a country, in the first few months of us coming out of the European Union.

I hope your Christmas last year was a Merry One.

Our Pulpit Secretary (Doris Purkiss) went to visit her daughter Joan over the Christmas holiday (as she does every year) and when she came home, she had an unfortunate incident where she had a fall in her own flat. The ambulance came over to her flat and took Doris to the Homerton Hospital (Hackney) where she had to be constantly monitored, as she has a device near her heart.

When the Doctors and Nurses were happy with the progress of Doris, they returned her to her flat. Joan has been staying with Doris for a few weeks, while Doris gets her strength back.

So for a number of weeks, the church has been without our Pulpit Secretary and also our Church Secretary (Kalu Amogu) as he has been on a holiday vacation to Ghana, from which he has only returned back.

We have people in our church who do a valuable and very important role in this church. Doris and my Father, Fitz (Church Officer) are just two very important people who have a very important role in this church, and they are both getting on in their years. It always amazes me, the amount of work they do at Manor Road United Reformed Church, even when they are feeling under the weather and are not in good health.

I believe it is very important that when we have elderly people doing important roles in the church, we are able to talk about our health matters. It does not really matter how much a person does in a church, what is most important is an individual person’s health in the role they are doing.

When we have people over the ages of over 75 doing work in the church, we MUST ALL take more of an interest in looking after this particular age group.

My own father has had two mini-strokes in the last 2 years and unbelievably; he had these mini-strokes in the church building. So I have a very personal deep interest in this kind of particular matter.

I am making sure my Father is sleeping well and eating well, that is my natural duty as his son, but as I have just said; we ALL need to take a more personal interest in this particular age group of people who do very important work in the church.

As a church, this year marks Manor Road Church’s 50th Birthday Anniversary, which we are all here very excited about.

We shall be holding a very special event for this 50th Anniversary on Saturday 14th November, between the hours of 3pm to 6pm.

We shall be inviting our friends, neighbors from our community and people from our neighboring churches (as well as the Moderator from the United Reform Church Synod) to this very special event in November this year.

Church Elders and Members of the Congregation will be preparing for this special event with The Revd. John Campbell in March.

There promise’s to be a few exciting aspects to this special church service on the 14th November, that will look into our church history from when the building first opened in November 1970.

There is not much church news this week, but there is news from the Thames North Synod which you may wish to note down in your diaries.

There will be a Bible Study at our church on the last Tuesday of February (25th) from 2.00pm till 4.00pm and we will be joined by members of Rectory Road United Reformed Church.

Next Week’s Sunday Morning Service will be led by Kathleen Laing who comes from Highcross United Reformed Church- Tottenham -North London.

The Service starts at 10.30am.

Please bring your Friends and Family.

You are all very welcome at Manor Road United Reformed Church.

By Next Week, we should all be out of the European Union.

Roll on World-Wide Enterprise…. I Hope.

Have A Lovely Week Everyone.

Roger Howard: Editor.