Manor Road URC – Church News – Sunday 13th May 2018.

Hello Everyone!!!

I hope you all had a good week.

Very short news information this week, in fact, we have not had a lot of church news come in for quite a long time, hence the lack of published blogs since Easter.

Manor Road United Reformed church is presently in a period of a very big transformation transition period, where the church is looking at doing some very big repairs on the building. Some of these repairs are desperately needed at Manor Road URC, especially if we hope to have this building not just for this present generation at the church, but future generations who may wish to use this building for church services and community groups who may wish to use our church hall.

For the majority of repairs that are needed in the building, Manor Road URC will be applying for a church grant application for these repairs.

Myself, our Interim Moderator Paul Ashitey and other elders in our church will be meeting with David Skipp (property development officer of Thames Valley Synod) and The Revd. John Campbell ( minister of High Cross URC – Tottenham/North London and interim moderator of Rectory Road URC – Stoke Newington/North London) this coming Thursday 17th may 2018, to discuss Manor Road URC’s Grant Application at the church.

Next Sunday (Pentecost) our church service will be led by our Interim Moderator Dr. Paul Ashitey and this will be a communion service.

After this church service, there will be an AGM church meeting led by Paul Ashitey followed by a church lunch.

This morning our Interim moderator Paul Ashitey told the congregation how he has been observing how members of Manor Road URC have been arriving at church quite late after the 10.30 am starting time (myself-shamefully included here). There is no excuse for me as I live very close on the premises, but I do understand it can be a bit of a rush for some members in the congregation to get to church in time, especially if they have no transportation to come to church. We have for quite a long period been starting church services, about 10 munites later after the 10.30 am deadline and this can make it difficult for preachers to stay after church and have a chat with members of the congregation. So, All of Us (Myself Included ) need to pull together and try to get to church before 10.30 am, so we can start church services at the dot of 10.30 am.

If this continues to be a struggle of members coming in at later times beyond 10.30 am, we all need to be honest about getting at the church before 10.30 am and bring this issue up in the church meeting.

Most of the congregation who were here this morning, hopefully, picked up their church minutes for next Sunday’s AGM meeting… So… ***DON’T FORGET TO BRING YOUR CHURCH MINUTES BACK NEXT WEEK FOR NEXT WEEK’S AGM MEETING AFTER SERVICE***


OHHH… I do like this power… it’s quite fun.

I promise I won’t let it get to my head though.

Remember**** Church Service begins at****

Don’t forget to bring your friends and families to church.

You are All Very Welcome at Manor Road United Reformed Church.

Have a Lovely Week Everyone and enjoy watching the Royal Wedding on Saturday and any celebrations you may be attending.

Roger Howard.